How To Clear Your Mind (When Your Kids Won't Clear The Room!)

Being a parent is tough. When you have three children or more, it can get quite maddening at times. It helps to clear your mind, meditate, and breathe, but how does one do that when your children will not clear the room? Here are some very helpful hints on how to reach for spiritual enlightenment (or, at the very least, grab a few minutes of peaceful quiet!).

What the Best Self Help Gurus Cannot Teach You

You have probably noticed by now that many self help gurus do not have children. (The cynicists reading this are probably already laughing, so it is okay if you laugh too.) Ergo, the best self-help gurus cannot possibly teach you how to work around kids to find meditation time. They may be able to provide you with the basic tools, but you will need the experience of other parents to get to your "happy place" or find your "nirvana."

Finding Ten Minutes to Meditate

You need to find just ten minutes in your day where you are completely sans kids. If all of your children are in school, that is an easy task to do. If you still have some preschoolers, toddlers or infants at home, nap time for them is meditation time for you. If they do not nap, you need to put them in their rooms, set a timer to let them know when they can come out, close their bedroom doors, and go meditate. If they are crying or noisy, and meditating is next to impossible, a set of noise-cancelling headphones (like the ones worn on a gun target/shooting range) will help remove the distractions. Then you can close your eyes, listen to the sound of your own heartbeat slowing down, and practice the breathing exercises recommended by meditation experts.

If You Are Interrupted or You Cannot Focus

It happens. Sometimes a kid drops something, throws something or takes a tumble in his/her room and you still feel the sound waves through the floor. If you have to jump up from meditation to take care of things, you have to. Just be sure that you find ten minutes later in your day, in the evening, or just before bed to meditate. It could make all the difference in the world to how you handle stress as a parent and how you manage the multitude of crazy situations with the kids. (It also makes a big difference in your relationship with your significant other too.)

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