How To Clear Your Mind (When Your Kids Won't Clear The Room!)

Being a parent is tough. When you have three children or more, it can get quite maddening at times. It helps to clear your mind, meditate, and breathe, but how does one do that when your children will not clear the room? Here are some very helpful hints on how to reach for spiritual enlightenment (or, at the very least, grab a few minutes of peaceful quiet!). What the Best Self Help Gurus Cannot Teach You

Avoiding Overeating During Recovery From Drug Addiction

If you are on the road to recovery after dealing with drug addiction treatment, you have to be aware that you are still susceptible to other addictions. These other addictions function as substitutes for the drug addiction that you've been trying to shake. One of the more common addictions is food, but there are ways to combat any feelings that make you want to grab the nearest cake or bag of cookies.